Solo Perfomances 2018

Bjarke Mogensen – accordion


“Sonatas Intertwined”

Domenico Scarlatti & Martin Lohse

The accordion is a unique solo instrument and one of the youngest instruments in the classical family. But thanks to a number of pioneering performers through the recent decades, contemporary composers are having a growing interest in using the accordion in a range of constellations, not least as a solo instrument. However, the possibilities of arranging music written for other instruments is sometimes very tempting. Already during my early teens I was hypnotised by the harpsichord sonatas of Domenico Scarlattis. I have performed this music ever since and few if any composers have stayed in my repertoire as steadily.

Martin Lohse is one of my closest composing collaborators. He has written a large collection of works for me and my accordion the the past 10 years.

Already at my debut concert from The Royal Academy of Music I decided to make a programme which had music of these two composers as its foundation making small suites of Scarlattis sonatas set up against the contemporary works of Martin Lohse.

This year I have decided to enhance this programme with new works written during the past year by 60th anniversary composer Svend Hvidtfelt Nielsen and another longterm collaborator of mine, Anders Koppel whos concerto I will be premiering this summer in the Tivoli Concert Hall and Frederiksværk Musikfestival.

The programme can be heard at several concerts this year beginning with 2 recitals in Portugal at Festival Folefest in Lisabon 9th-13th of february. You can find all the dates in my calendar which has recently been updated with a series of new events: