Echoes off Cliffs

Echoes off Cliffs

a new 50’ concert installation in the mythic landscapes of Bornholm:

Seven concerts 2-9th of june. Follow our page for more info:

2.juni: premiere Vang Granitbrud kl 17.00

3.juni: Østermarie Kirkeruin kl 17.00

4.juni: Gårdhaven på Bornholms Teater kl 19.30

6.juni:  Store Tårn, Christiansø kl 11.30

7.juni: Svanekegården kl 19.30

8.juni: Aa kirke kl 17.00

9.juni: Vang Granitbrud  kl 17.00

Echoes off Cliffs

Koncerter i de Bornholmske klipper med Bjarke Mogensen

Den menneskelige tid reflekteret i de gamle klipper og i ruinerne af en svunden tid, med musik skabt af Martin Lohse med ekkoer af både det som var og det som er.

Bjarke Mogensens udtryksfulde accordeon-lyd spejles i klipperne og forsinkes som ekkoer. Samtidig spiller han sammen med en genlyd af sig selv fra fortiden; musik komponeret af Martin Lohse, indspillet af Bjarke og siden bearbejdet elektronisk og sendt ud i højtalere placeret rundt om solisten. Derved skabes store lydskulpturer der langsomt forandrer sig og afbrydes af hurtigere musik i accordeonet, som et spejl på den evige dans mellem det langsomme, næsten uforanderlige og den hurtige menneskelige tid, der folder sig ud i vores verden i dag.

Koncerterne finder sted i de rå klipper og gamle kirkeruiner samt enkelte indendørs lokationer rundt omkring på Bornholm samt Christiansø d. 2-9 juni 2021.
Værkets varighed 45-50′

Støttet af:

Statens Kunstfond

Det Obelske Familiefond


Echoes off Cliffs






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New release : Sound and Simplicity

“Curiosity first of all”

Heres a brand new interview for the Italian Magazine

Helios and The Planets 2020

The first release of the year is out of the box!

Spectacular symphonic music, played on two classical accordions.

The Danish classical accordion duo MYTHOS with their unrivalled instruments offer their own impressive transcriptions of two iconic early-20th century orchestral portraits of heavenly objects, namely Nielsen’s Helios overture (1903) and Holst’s The Planets (1916). 

First, the sun on its course from dawn to dusk, as we follow it from Earth on a daily basis, and then the seven planets out there in space, each with a marked character of its own as imagined by astrologers from times immemorial.

Riveting music, played with force and finesse. Lend an ear, and enjoy! 

Svend Ravnkilde, 2020

Helios and The Planets is MYTHOS’ second album and the follow up on the release ‘Russian Orchestral Music’ with music by Stravinsky, Borodin, Mussorgsky and Tchaikovsky (Orchid Classics, 2013). The album surprised both listeners and critics and was awarded the BBC Music Magazine Chamber Choice and Best of 2013 by Graham Rickson from The Arts Desk, as well as a nomination for Album of the Year on Danish Classical Radio P2.

MYTHOS comprises Bjarke Mogensen and Rasmus Schjærff Kjøller. Both were born and raised on the Island of Bornholm from where the coverphoto is taken. 

Album credits:

Sound Engineer and co-producer: Marc Casanovas (NorCat Lyd)

Cover photo: Lil Lacy
Backside photo: Julie Wouvenaar Tovgaard 

Text: Svend Ravnkilde

Accordion tuning by: Viktor Melnyk

Cover editing and layout: Ditte Bolt 

The album was generously supported by 

The Carl Nielsen and Anne-Marie Carl Nielsen Foundation 

The Augustinus Foundation

For more information about MYTHOS:

Covid postponements and cancellations

Dear all

It is with great sadness that we musicians are unable to share our music on stage the next couple of months but it gives room for some really exiting new projects coming up. I will keep you updated on my Facebookpage as well as my Instagram when I will be performing next time. Until then all the events in my calendar until June can be considered postponed untill further notice. Fortuneately some unexpected great news has arrived which I will share with you in the next post coming up next week. Until then you can get a quick follow up on some of the events I have been participating in in the early months of 2020.

Standing ovation at Ruders premiere

Winner of the P2 Listeners Prize 2019

At a grand live broadcasted radio show this week in Musikkens Hus, Aalborg Bjarke Mogensen received the DR P2 Listeners Prize 2019. Bjarke was also nominated Classical Release of the Year for his album ‘Bjarke Mogensen plays Domenico Scarlatti’. What a grand evening!

Thank you DR P2 Radio for the nomination, and to thanks to everyone who voted for this album!

Bjarke Mogensen, usually plays music written in score, and more often than not it is music written less than 50 years ago, indeed frequently music commissioned for or by him : concertos, chamber music, solo pieces. He has, however, a great love for keyboard works from the Renaissance and the Baroque, and they frequently appear in his recitals - but it is only now that he launches his first recording of this type of music, a selection of 13 solo sonatas from the vast legacy of the inimitable Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757).

Nominated for Classical Album of the Year 2018!

2018 is about to reach an end but there is still important news to receive! My cd from january ‘Bjarke Mogensen Plays Domenico Scarlatti’ has been nominated Classical Release of the Year by Danish National Radio P2. You can even give me or the other nominees a vote for the Listeners Prize:

You can buy the album online at the this link:

Bjarke Mogensen modtager Wilhelm Hansen Fondens Hæderspris 2018