Album for Astor – a Piazzolla tribute album (2022)

The new Piazzolla album has arrived! A great suggestion for an x-mas gift. Available here:

All my life I have admired, studied and performed the music of extraordinary Argentinian composer, Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992). So, when I was offered the chance to publish a whole instrumental Piazzolla album of my own for the centenary of his birth, I decided to base my tribute solely on Piazzolla titles but also dived headlong into designing a varied and comprehensive listening experience, an hour of interchanging accordion solos, instrumental duos, and pieces that I arranged for myself and a small group of mixed instruments. The music is all Astor but with a touch of Bjarke here and there and maybe everywhere, in fact. There are no singers involved, but Piazzolla’s music sings, and our instruments sing, and at every corner there is melancholy, tripping feet, fast figures, and perhaps even the scent and atmosphere of Buenos Aires.

“One-man symphony” in Edvard Griegs Living room

“One-man symphony” in Edvard Griegs Living room

Today is a very special day. To perform the master, Edvard Grieg’s own music in his home environment is for me a rather overwhelming honor. I have made a specially composed programme that encircles movements from orchestra miniatures of Edvard Grieg, Carl Nielsen and Tchaikovsky with almost unheard scores with inspirations from anti-hero characters such as Moby Dick, Peer Gynt, Aladdin and Captain Nemo. It will be an hour with a new repertoire of some of the coolest composers I know, including Marilyn Mazur, Pernille Sejlund, Poul Ruders and the 90th jubilee Per Nørgård, as well as composers who were in close contact and musical kinship with the host himself🏯

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Echoes off Cliffs

Streaming concert with Gävle Symphony – reviewed

Two mighty fine reviews of the concert this Friday in Gävle, Sweden with Gävle Symfoniorkester and Ryan Bancroft – and a concert program of Piazzolla, Lacy (world premiere) and Elgar.

Thank you Lars Westin from Arbetarbladet and Camilla Dal from Gävle Dagbladet for the reviews and also thank you Kerstin Monk for the article and in depth curiosity about the piece ‘Aliento del mar’!

I am very grateful, in the light of the times that we are in, that this concert was able to happen, and that it was streamed live with such a great team of sound and audio technicians and specialists. And indeed also for the amazing collaboration with Gävle Symfoniorkester, composer Lil Lacy and not least conductor Ryan Bancroft (who made everyone shine and the music vibrate so strongly). Tack!

A huge grateful thank you to AUGUSTINUS FONDEN for support of the new commission.

New release : Sound and Simplicity

“Curiosity first of all”

Heres a brand new interview for the Italian Magazine

Helios and The Planets 2020

The first release of the year is out of the box!

Spectacular symphonic music, played on two classical accordions.

The Danish classical accordion duo MYTHOS with their unrivalled instruments offer their own impressive transcriptions of two iconic early-20th century orchestral portraits of heavenly objects, namely Nielsen’s Helios overture (1903) and Holst’s The Planets (1916). 

First, the sun on its course from dawn to dusk, as we follow it from Earth on a daily basis, and then the seven planets out there in space, each with a marked character of its own as imagined by astrologers from times immemorial.

Riveting music, played with force and finesse. Lend an ear, and enjoy! 

Svend Ravnkilde, 2020

Helios and The Planets is MYTHOS’ second album and the follow up on the release ‘Russian Orchestral Music’ with music by Stravinsky, Borodin, Mussorgsky and Tchaikovsky (Orchid Classics, 2013). The album surprised both listeners and critics and was awarded the BBC Music Magazine Chamber Choice and Best of 2013 by Graham Rickson from The Arts Desk, as well as a nomination for Album of the Year on Danish Classical Radio P2.

MYTHOS comprises Bjarke Mogensen and Rasmus Schjærff Kjøller. Both were born and raised on the Island of Bornholm from where the coverphoto is taken. 

Album credits:

Sound Engineer and co-producer: Marc Casanovas (NorCat Lyd)

Cover photo: Lil Lacy
Backside photo: Julie Wouvenaar Tovgaard 

Text: Svend Ravnkilde

Accordion tuning by: Viktor Melnyk

Cover editing and layout: Ditte Bolt 

The album was generously supported by 

The Carl Nielsen and Anne-Marie Carl Nielsen Foundation 

The Augustinus Foundation

For more information about MYTHOS:

Covid postponements and cancellations

Dear all

It is with great sadness that we musicians are unable to share our music on stage the next couple of months but it gives room for some really exiting new projects coming up. I will keep you updated on my Facebookpage as well as my Instagram when I will be performing next time. Until then all the events in my calendar until June can be considered postponed untill further notice. Fortuneately some unexpected great news has arrived which I will share with you in the next post coming up next week. Until then you can get a quick follow up on some of the events I have been participating in in the early months of 2020.

Standing ovation at Ruders premiere